Dev's Den

Come in quick and close the door! Ollie is a bit shy around grown ups.

Playing with Ollie is my favourite thing in the whole wide world! Ollie, say hello.

My other favourite thing is football. I play football EVERYWHERE, even in my dreams!!

Ollie and I love making new friends by going to
festival adventures around the world.

Along the way, we learn about other cultures too!

Tell us about things you like. If they match, we can be friends! Just kidding, we can be friends anyway.

Let’s do lots of fun stuff together.


"Thoroughly recommend inviting Shweta, Dev and Ollie to your school. Both children and staff enjoyed themselves immensely, learning in a fun and unique way. We've never experienced an author visit like it!' – Headteacher at Gunter Primary School.

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Watch this space!

Shweta will be here very soon with blog posts about other recommended cultural books and activities, parenthood and anything Ollie and I find interesting.

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