Festivals this month

Can you imagine the number of festivals that take place around the world every month!?

Here are some of our favourite this month:

Tomatina Festival, Spain

Tons of tomatoes is the theme of this festival…130,000kg of them to be precise! Festivities kick off around 10am when participants race to grab a jamon serrano (ham) fixed atop a greasy pole. Onlookers hose the scramblers with water while singing and dancing in the streets. When the church bell strikes noon, trucks packed with tomatoes roll into town.

A free for all tomato fight begins with the sound of a blasting rocket. What the colour festival Holi is to India is La Tomatina to Spain. Nearly an hour later, tomato-soaked bombers are left to play in a sea of squishy street salsa. A second rocket shot signals the end of the battle.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

With nearly 2 million visitors every year, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world, taking place most of August each year. It’s a great place for a family vacation as there’s something for everyone – from ballet, plays, opera and concerts to festivals on books, art, spirituality and even the interactive computer world! Plus there are some beautiful castles to visit too.

Mount Hagen Cultural Show, Papua New Guinea

Everything about Papua New Guinea is diverse. From rare animal species to 841 languages, from the lush rainforests to the technicolor coral reefs, we love how PNG satisfies our cultural curiousity in every sense. About 100 tribes attend this event where they peacefully share their cultural traditions through costume, dancing and music. Members of the tribes are covered in body paint, clad in elaborate headdresses, jewelry made of shells and boars’ tusks and skirts made from leaves and fur. The tribes then perform their primal dances and the winning tribe is the one that gets the most attention / biggest reaction from the crowd.